Quick and automatic inclusion of ads.

Automatic Inclusion



Both publishers and advertisers can set the prices correctly so everybody is winning.

Real-time bidding system



Show only relevant ads depending on the game/app being selected by the user.

Extract relevancy from apps txt


Geo-targeted ads

Attach some ads to specific locations of the handset

Match users locations with Ads 

Geo-targeted ads

Our Services

Automatic Wrapping

Wrap games/apps with general or dynamic ads.

Ad Matching

Match an ad with the best game/app being served.


Detailed analytics for both publisher and advertiser.

Our Work
MobAdv Engine

MobAdv Engine

The core of MobAdv where advertisers can add advertising campaign, their priority, period and their bidding prices. Mobadv will balance the ads served depending on those criterias maximizing profits for publishers and relevancy for advertisers.

MobAdv AdWrapper

will process binaries of games/apps on Java or Android and produce new binaries with our ads wrapped. There are two types of ads, either those that will appear on the main screen at the beginning of the application (SponsorAd) or Ads that will display at the bottom/top of the application during the game. A developer doesn’t need to do read any SDK or go back to their sourcecode to change. The change is totally automatic and always produce an identical working game/app.

MobAdv AdWrapper
MobAdv AdMatching

MobAdv AdMatching

will process the application, extract all text that exist, isolate irrelevant text and build a summary with a list of keywords for that specific application. That summary and keywords list will be used later to serve the application with better matching ads.

MobAdv GeoAds

Tying an Ad to a location or set of locations is an important trend. Location can be obtained either from GPS or MAC address of the WIFI access point to which the end-user’s mobile is connected.

MobAdv GeoAds
Mobile Screenshots
Samples showing the placement of Ads
Example 1

Ad can be shown as a 64x64 square on any corner and this ad will be changed continuously every 10 or 20 seconds. The ad itself is a link to the webpage of the advertiser.

Example 2

Ad can be shown on the top of the game as a text/image advertisment.

Example 3

Ad can also be a pure text that is changing with time.

Example 4

Advertiser can control the position of the Ad so that it doesn't get in the way of the player or user.

Dashboard Screenshots
Manage campaigns

set campaigns' duration, budget and daily hits

Manage Budget

set a clear budget by determining a view or click models and the price for each.


Setting a zone for targeting your ads (location targeting) or depending on the country you choose.

This Project has been incubated in FasterCapital.

Founder at MobAdv, Mentor at FasterCapital. Holds Master's Degree from HEC Paris.
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Martin Simons
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